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Unprecedented global challenges during this corona virus/COVID-19 pandemic are creating a whole host of unanticipated problems, but you don't need to let mental health and emotional struggles contribute to an already difficult situation. 

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Even under ideal circumstances, we've all got stuff: relationship challenges, struggles with school or work, financial challenges, kids or aging parents, and health concerns.... but now add to these the stress of a global pandemic, changes in work, loss of income, changes to school and children's routines, and concern for loved ones and community - BAM! You've got potential for things to get really sideways!

Being asked to stay home doesn't mean you have to stop working on yourself; we can help you learn tools, tips, and tricks to manage anxiety, cope under stress, and maintain your emotional balance in uncertain times.


Plus, what better time to work on all that self-improvement stuff you've been meaning to get to?

Recovery Support

Tele-Therapy Sessions

Recovery is challenging even under ideal circumstances, not to mention adding the stress of a global pandemic - triggers abound!

But here's the good news: recovery during crisis IS possible, and with the right guidance and accountability, you can actually turn this into a wonderful opportunity to more deeply root in your recovery and strengthen your resolve!

We have experience working with individuals in recovery from substances and eating disorders and are here to help!

Free Community Support

Talks & Zoom Calls

Join us for free community support events where we can join energy in a positive, solution-focused, recovery-minded environment, and learn:

  • coping skills

  • grounding techniques

  • guided meditations & visualization

  • stress management tools

  • how to cool panic responses

  • staying regulated for our families

  • self-care

  • and how to find balance in a world that feels rather unbalanced

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